Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Man In Seattle Occupies Tree

I don't usually like to pilfer stuff from Hot Air, but this was too good to resist.  As Ed Morrissey reports:
Proving that it doesn’t take much to become both an Internet sensation and a traffic disturbance, a Seattle man has spent most of the last two days swaying in the breeze atop a tall sequoia. Efforts to get him out of the tree have proven futile, as have attempts to figure out what he’s doing up there in the first place.
I'm tempted to say that this guy has taken tree-hugging to new heights, but the tree in question is only about 80 feet tall, a juvenile by sequoia standards.  If you've ever been to Yosemite National Park, you know what I mean.  I'd say that there probably have been other climbers who have gone up and stayed in even taller trees.  But even so, I wouldn't want to be near this tree if the guy's bodily functions become urgent or if whatever he's using to keep himself up there experiences any technical difficulties.

Read more at CBS News, KIRO, The Seattle Times and Q13 Fox.  The first two links are via Hot Air.

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