Friday, March 4, 2016

March Fo(u)rth!

Years ago, I read an article about an actress who said that her favorite day of the year was March 4th, because it's a sentence.  That's not quite true, but it does indeed sound like a sentence.  Read the title of this post, and remove the "u" in the parentheses, and you get the sentence.  Keep the "u", and you get the date.  Either way, it sounds the same.  So here, then, are some news and opinion marching forth on March fourth:

From the New York Post, video purporting to show ISIS training child soldiers.

From CNBC, the jobs report from February was better than expected.

From The Daily Caller, hourly wages and export levels have dropped.

From National Review, Donald Trump (R-NY) isn't your SOB, he's just an SOB.

In Conservative Review, Daniel Horowitz writes that in a two-way primary contest, Cruz (R-TX) "would dismantle Trump".

From Fox News, The GOP candidates promise to support their party's nominee.

From WGN, seven takeaways from the 3/3 GOP debate.

From The Washington Times, the Norks rattle their sabers.

CNN asks, "Will U.S. deploy THAAD?"

From the Navy Times, the U.S. has sent a carrier group to confront China.

From Bloomberg Business, Rogers Holdings chairman Jim Rogers says that there will certainly be a recession next year.

From Albert Mohler's eponymous site, three audio clips, including one about how The New York Times first regarded Hitler.

From Tech Crunch, Apple's phones are doing very well in India.

From The Hill, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that Americans need to pay more attention to the world.  (Note to the PM:  Some of us do, sir, more than you appear to realize.)

From Twitchy, former Governor and presidential candidate Jim Webb (D-VA) states that he will not vote for Hillary Clinton (D-NY), resulting in flak from his left.

From American Thinker, Hillary Clinton and the "spoliation of evidence" issue.

From WUIS, after leaving the White House, the Obamas will stay in Washington.  (audio clip)

From FrontpageMag, "political correctness kills".

From Fox5, a construction worker demolishing O.J. Simpson's house reportedly found a buried knife.

And from the Daily Surge, if you consider yourself a treehugger, after you die, you can become one with a tree.

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