Monday, March 14, 2016

American In Israel Finds Ancient Gold Coin

An American woman traveling in Israel became an accidental archaeologist.  From WKBW:
A WNY native hiking in Israel found a rare coin nearly 2,000 years old - so rare that it’s only the second of its kind known to exist.
Laurie Rimon now lives in Connecticut, but she went to Kenmore East High School. She was hiking in eastern Galilee near an archeological site when she saw something glinting in the grass. She picked it up and didn't realize at first she had found an ancient gold coin.
The coin is from Rome in the year 107 CE (107 AD) and bears the image of Emperor Augustus. It was part of a series of coins minted by Emperor Trajan that were dedicated to the Roman emperors who ruled before him.
Read the full story, and if you ever take a hike in a country whose history goes back a few thousand years, keep an eye out for ancient artifacts.

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