Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Verde Canyon Railroad - Along The Ride

After we all got on board, the Verde Canyon Railroad train started its course through its namesake canyon.  Although the general direction toward Perkinsville is generally northwestward, the track runs through numerous curves.  As a result, we could often look out the side of our respective coaches to see the front of the train, such as in this shot.

Some of the land near the track is used for cattle ranching.  These cows graze next to the river, or take a drink.

In the next shot, you can see some of the track ahead of us, and some of the basalt cliffs that form sections of the canyon's walls.  We may have been close to a side canyon called S.O.B. Canyon, "S.O.B." standing for "Supervisor Of Bridges", or so we were told.

I don't remember what our guide said the green contraption was, but it was put there by the U.S. Geological Survey.

We arrive at Perkinsville, population 11.  Our guide said that the house seen here is unoccupied.

Here's the Perkinsville station, seen from the west.  The diesels, after detaching and moving around the coaches on a side track, are now attached to the caboose and ready to pull us back to Clarkdale.

On our return trip, we're about to enter the track's one tunnel.  Watch your elbows, guys!

After we got back to Clarkdale, I drove over to Jerome to grab a bite at the Haunted Hamburger.  It's a relatively small place, but the quality and portion size of the food were more than adequate.

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