Wednesday, November 5, 2014

French Farmers Protest By Dumping Manure

(H/T RegularRon, who Tweeted this story.)

When French farmers give you crap, they literally give you crap.  From the Mail Online:
Revolting French farmers dumped hundreds of tonnes of manure and rotten vegetables on the streets as well as spraying a council water treatment office with slurry in a major day of protest.
Members of the French Farmers Union (FNSEA) and the Young Farmers Union (YA) held demonstrations over worsening food prices as well as increases in the cost of fertiliser.
Farmers complain that sanctions with Russia over the ongoing Ukrainian crisis has led to collapse in the price of cereal, milk and grain.
During one protest in Chatres, south west of Paris, farmers dumped 100 tonnes of manure along with rotting vegetables outside the offices of the agriculture department as well as the town hall.
Read the full story, and if you're not too easily grossed out, look at the pictures.

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