Friday, November 14, 2014

Petrified Forest, Part 4

After Newspaper Rock, the next stop on my trip through Petrified Forest National Park was Puerco Pueblo, thought to have been built and occupied by people of the Ancestral Pueblo culture, who were to some extent influenced by Mogollon people living to the south.  Here's part of the largest structure at Puerco Pueblo.

Another section of the same structure.

Near the ruins are some large rocks with some petroglyphs on their surfaces.

Here are a few more.

Puerco Pueblo also includes this smaller structure.

To see more of Puerco Pueblo, go here.  Going north from Puerco Pueblo, the park's main road goes over the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad tracks (the old Santa Fe main line) and then over Interstate 40, but there is no interchange.  About 1000 feet north of I-40 is a memorial to historic U.S. 66, which includes some of the old pavement and this Studebaker.

The main road would eventually curve eastward and again meet I-40, where there is an interchange and the northern entrance to the park.  Some sights along this remaining stretch will be shown in the next post, which will be the last one about Petrified Forest.

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