Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Few Amnesty Links

Tonight at 8:00 p.m., President Obama is expected to deliver his planned executive actions on immigration, which have been called an "executive amnesty", or as I call it, shoving his middle finger into the face of all who have legally immigrated to the United States, past and present.  Some stories and opinion pieces running ahead of his address:

The Washington Post reports that Obama's actions "will shield 4 million from deportation".  (via Don't be a Moron!)

Via Pat Dollard, on their YouTube channel, the GOP uses Obama to criticize Obama.

The Daily Caller has done some number crunching.  According to them:
President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty will quickly add as many foreign workers to the nation’s legal labor force as the total number of new jobs created by his economy since 2009.
In National Review Online, Andrew McCarthy argues that the amnesty is not justified by the concept of "prosecutorial discretion".

In The Federalist, Gabriel Malor takes on the leftwing claim that President Reagan also offered amnesty by executive order.

And from Politico, the White House is "exasperated" that the major TV networks are not broadcasting his address.

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