Sunday, November 9, 2014

Greetings From Sedona

Located in the north-central part of Arizona, Sedona is known for its thriving art community, new age attractions such as vortexes, and its impressive landscape.  The city also includes quite a few trails for hiking, so naturally, I set out to explore one, named Margs Draw.  From a branch trail leading to Margs Draw, I took this picture of a rock formation called Snoopy's Belly.  I don't think I was facing the formation from the perspective where it looks like Snoopy, but I'm assuming that the map is correctly labeled.

From the Margs Draw trail, I got a closer shot of part of Snoopy's Belly.

I was high enough to see across much of Sedona.  This view looks a bit north of westward.

Here are several rock formations north of Sedona.

The north end of my hike afforded me a view of this red rock formation.

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