Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Links

As the next weekend approaches, here are some things going on:

From Newsmax, the remains of a typhoon named Nuri bear down on the Aleutian Islands.

From Reboot Illinois, Governor-elect Bruce Rauner (R) gets some advise from both sides.

From the Illinois Mirror, the Republican wave in this year's election "nearly drowned the unions".

From the Washington Examiner, GOP deputy press secretary Raffi Williams faults the NAACP for failing to acknowledge the electoral victories of Congresswoman-elect Mia Love (R-Utah) and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC).  Scott had previously been appointed to replace Senator Jim DeMint (R).

From Reuters, the U.S. official unemployment rate falls to 5.8%.

From Fraud Of The Day, a man in Ohio is sentenced after faking an injury in an attempt file a fraudulent worker's compensation claim.  (Via Watchdog(dot)org)

In National Review, Mona Charen writes about how demonization backfired on the Democrats.

From the Daily Herald, Twitter, Inc. plans to open a headquarters in Hong Kong next year.

From CNM, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) promises "tougher oversight" of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

From ZDNet, an attempt to work without WiFi for a month.

From Investors(dot)com, for the first time, a majority of Americans believe that guns make homes safer.

In Townhall, Katie Pavelich presents the Clintons' dismal election-day scorecard.

From the International Business Times, British muslim Anjem Choudary wishes to leave the United Kingdom and live in territory controlled by ISIS.

From the Mail Online, the vice-principal of a muslim girl's school has been fired for opposing a rule that all students must wear a veil during lessons.  (Via Jihad Watch)

And from Lehigh Valley Live, a flight paramedic originally from Pennsylvania and now living in New York travels to Sierra Leone to serve as a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization.

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