Thursday, November 13, 2014

Petrified Forest, Part 1

Petrified Forest National Park is located in eastern Arizona, about 100 miles east of Flagstaff.  The park has one main road, running generally north-south between its two entrances, one off Interstate 40 in the north, the other off U.S. Route 180 in the south.  I entered from the latter.

Near the south entrance is an area called Giant Logs.  In this first photo, it seems that I've unintentionally created some false perspective.  The person who appears to stand on the log is actually in the background.  The log's diameter is only around three or four feet.

Here's a group of logs, on either side of a trail.

Petrified wood isn't the only type of rock featured in the park.  This pile of boulders in the Giant Logs area might be made of white sandstone, a fairly common type of rock in the western United States.

This panoramic shot was taken from the Giant Logs area.

Another group of giant logs.

The Agate House is a partial reconstruction of a structure built by Puebloan Indians, from petrified wood.  It can be reached by a trail leading from the parking lot for the Giant Logs area, and which passes through an area called Long Logs.  This picture shows about half of Agate House.

The rest of Agate House is shown here.

On way back from Agate House, there was another pile of white boulders.

This is part of the Long Logs area, with some multicolored hills in the background.

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