Saturday, January 12, 2013

White House: Sorry, No Death Star

In response to the petition submitted last month which called for the federal government to build a Death Star, the White House has released a statement denying the request.  According to the Obama administration's science and space adviser Paul Shawcross, building a Death Star would cost about $850 quadrillion, "at a time that the White House is working to reduce the federal budget".  (They want to "reduce" the budget?  Please excuse me for second while I roll my eyes.)  He also indicated that the administration "does not support blowing up planets."

Read the story at SFGate and CBS News.

If our intentions do not include blowing up planets, what would we do with our own Death Star?  We could, perhaps, park it above a city known for being a sanctuary for illegal aliens.  You want aliens?  Here you go: