Friday, January 4, 2013

15 Reasons To Hate Notre Dame Or Alabama

Outkick the Coverage has published their lists of 15 reasons to hate each of the two schools playing for the BCS football championship, or what is often called the MNC, which stands for "mythical national championship", since in Division I, Bowl Subdivision (formerly known as Division I-A), the two teams which get to play for it are chosen by a complicated system of polls and computer ratings, and not by any playoff system or tournament.

An excerpt about Alabama:
You've got to start with the Bama Bangs haircut.
How can an entire state adopt the most feminine haircut in the country? Even more of an indictment, how can women sleep with these men? That's even more ridiculous.
Somehow Alabama is to blame for Justin Bieber.
And an excerpt about Notre Dame:
You are the most ridiculously overhyped team in all of sports.
At least teams like the Yankees, and the Celtics, and the Lakers actually win games. The last time you were ranked at the end of the season was 2006.
Since 1995, Notre Dame has won two bowl games.
That's the same number as Vanderbilt.
Click on the first link above and read the entire lists.  For even more fun, read the comments, too.

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