Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Baseball Hall Of Fame Elects....Nobody

For the first time since 1996, the baseball Hall of Fame will not induct anyone from the ballots cast by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.  None of the eligible candidates appeared on 75% of the ballots, the minimum percentage required.  The closest was former Houston Astro Craig Biggio, named on 68.2%.  Barry Bonds, who has the career record for home runs, and Roger Clemens, who won a record 7 Cy Young Awards, didn't even get 40%.  If you ask me, if Bonds and others who got away with some steroid-enhanced performances ever get elected, their names and achievements should be permanently followed by asterisks.

Major league baseball personnel (players, managers, owners, umpires, etc.) become eligible for selection by the BBWAA five years after retirement, and remain eligible for 15 years.  Afterwards, they may be named by the Veteran's Committee, who are allowed to make a small number of selections each year.  This past December, they named umpire Hank O'Day, owner Jake Rupert, and player Deacon White, all of whom died during the 1930's.  Thus, the induction ceremony next July will include no honorees who are still alive.

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  1. I hope they never get in the Hall of Fame. It would send a signal to other players that it is not worth the risk to dope.