Monday, January 14, 2013

Monday News And Notes

A few news items and a bit of humor:

From the Los Angeles Times, despite some new information on the death of Natalie Wood (1938-1981), the LA County Sheriff's Department says that the evidence is insufficient to show homicide.

From the Daily Mail, the story of a British woman who decided against aborting her severely disabled baby, who sadly lived just 9 hours after being born.  (via Life Site News)

From NBC News Vitals, research that marijuana use lowers IQ is challenged by a new study pointing to other factors.

From the Dallas Morning News, George P. Bush, who intends to run for Texas Land Commissioner, has raised $1.3 million for his campaign in the past two months.  He is the son of Jeb Bush, nephew of George W. Bush and grandson of George H.W. Bush.

From the Examiner, another relative of an American president is running for office.  The president's brother Malik Obama is running for governor in Saiya, Kenya.

From the Daily Caller, Representative Steve Stockman (R-Texas) says that he will go as far as filing articles of Impeachment to prevent President Obama from implementing gun control by executive order.  (What's this, a Republican with a spine?  What's going on here?)

From Creative Minority Report, three Massachusetts men were arrested after throwing punches and smashing furniture - at a baby shower.

From CBS New York, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-64th District) says that the state legislature will "ban assault weapons".

And from Jimmy Kimmel, Los Angeles overreacts to the recent cold snap.

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