Monday, January 14, 2013

MD Teacher's Union Wants "Fee" From Non-Members

The Maryland State Education Association wants school employees who are not members to pay a "fair share fee" equivalent to about 68% of the local union dues.  Under current Maryland law, union-negotiated contracts cover all teachers, member or not, and the union must represent non-union teachers in grievances.  Such fees are already required in nine counties and the city of Baltimore.

Delegate Sheila Hixson (D-Montgomery Co.) has introduced a bill that would make the fee requirement the law throughout the state.  The law would not require anyone to join the union, and would not introduce any additional fee for those already paying one.  The money collected via the fee would not go into political activities.

Read more at the Washington Examiner.


  1. Unions have spent more money on the last campaign and have no "discretionary" funds left.

    They need new pigeons sorry people to pluck dry.

  2. "Fair share"-- whose share are they talking about? What if I don't want to share my money with their political activities?
    Oh wait. I forgot, this is America where we're forced to share.