Sunday, January 20, 2013

Did He Or Didn't He?

Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi once worked as a consultant for NASA, or he didn't, depending on which interview you want to believe.  Could his involvement with NASA (if there ever was any) have contributed to the inspiration for new purpose of muslim outreach?  From MEMRI via Bare Naked Islam:
Whether the Egyptian TV commentator who pointed this out is still available for comment is unknown.


  1. There is no record at NASA of Morsi working there. NASA keeps excellent records of who worked for them and who didn't.

    This is just another lie from a notorious liar.

    1. From whatever bios I could find, there was nothing about NASA, so I figured that most likely he had nothing to do with them. It seems that after getting his PhD from USC, his work in the US was as a college (associate or assistant) professor. But I wanted to point out his self-contradiction.