Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby Girl Literally Reaches Out

During the past few days, a picture showing a baby reaching out from her mother's womb and grabbing the finger of the doctor performing Caesarian section has gone viral on the Internet.  The baby girl, named Nevaeh ("heaven" spelled backwards), is now 11 weeks old.  She and her parents, Randy and Alicia Atkins, live in Glendale, Arizona.  Read the story and see the picture (along with a few more) at the Mail Online.


  1. Such a small hand but such a wonderful hello. A smile for the world.

  2. Amazing. I always wonder how awful it must be to be...born...whether by C Section or must very traumatic for the baby. The get over it quickly but....

    1. I once read something like, "We are born hungry, wet and naked. Then things get worse." To start with, they pick us up, dangle us upside-down and whack us on the butt. It's probably good that we don't remember it.