Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Links

A smattering of today's new and opinion:

PoliZette explains why we should give a dam.

The Politico pollsters get ahead of themselves.

From Fox News, he's not insane.......and a "baby supernova".

From The New York Times, a movie is advertised with fake news.

From ABC News, nyet, there were no contacts with Trump's campaign.

From Bizpac Review, Rush weighs in.

From MSNBC, Paul Ryan weighs in.

From Mashable, a headset brings sight to the blind.

From the Independent, U.K. politician Jeremy Corbin is right to be worried.......and a Ghanian soccer player in the UAE gets in trouble because of his hair.

From the Express, a U.K. columnist doesn't like false accusations of racism.......and three French Muslims are arrested for plotting a terror attack.

From CNN, Stephen Miller warned about "islamofascism" while in college.

From AhlulBayt News Agency, Iran's president calls for Muslims to help Yemenis.

From Russia Today, German police arrest alleged Turkish spies.

From The Standard, an Indonesian Muslim explains why he can't vote for Jakarta's governor.

From the East London & West Essex Guardian, a British man claims to have been forced out of his house after leaving Islam.

From National Review, we can't just erase history.

From ZDNet, how to improve the visibility of your mouse pointer.

And from the Midtown Manhattan Patch, show dogs are still dogs.

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