Saturday, February 25, 2017

Some More Stuff

As rain and cold front pushes the warm weather out of my area, here are some more things going on out there:

The new DNC chairperson will not be Keith Ellison.

The leadership of the next "women's march" includes a convicted terrorist.

In Germany, a man runs into people with his car and gets shot by a cop.

Also in Germany, two refugee centers catch fire.

In Pennsylvania, kindergarten kids learn how to program computers.

The Trump administration needs more people.

Gender-bending comes to the wrestling ring.

When the cops say "put it down", you might want to put it down.

One writer's opinion:  Trump should fund smart cities.

Mexico sends us some sewage

Denmark outsources their vaccines.

Muslims in Split, Croatia get a classroom for religious instruction.

In the southern hemisphere, a ring of fire.

In Florida, a burglar picks the wrong home.

In Texas, Trump supporters protest against jihad.

Why some Obama voters later voted for Trump.

Life can be tough for a fake black person.  (H/T Gulf Dogs, for Tweeting this one.)

Muhammad Ali Jr. was reportedly detained and asked about his religion.

The new EPA chief speaks out.

And to finish, are you car insurance rates going up?  Here's why.

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