Sunday, February 19, 2017

Things I Have Learned

This post is intended to be similar to my "Random Musings" posts, except that the ideas presented herein are admittedly not my own.  You might even call this list "other people's musings".  As with my own, they range from the serious to the light-hearted.  Many of these ideas I have been seen on Twitter, but others come from outside the Web, such as on bumper stickers.  I will try, where possible, to provide links for some further information.
All the alleged domestic spying by the federal government, including the collection of metadata by the NSA, failed to stop the Boston Marathon bombing, and the shootings at Garland, TX, Chattanooga, TN, and San Bernardino, CA.  (I might add the shootings at a church in Charleston, SC, at a college in Oregon, from the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, and at the Fort Lauderdale airport.)

If climate change causes terrorism, why hasn't it caused Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists to commit terrorist acts?

At the same time tens of thousands of military-age men have left Syria for Europe, women have joined the Peshmurga (Kurdish militia) and then fought against ISIS.

ISIS placed a bomb on a Russian jet.  Russia responds by bombing ISIS.  ISIS-linked terrorists torture people in France.  France responds by bombing ISIS.  Terrorists who support ISIS shoot people in the United States.  The president of the United States (Obama at the time) responds by asking for more restrictions on the gun rights of American citizens.  Confused yet?

In order to evaluate whether someone has been successful at something, you must first define "success".

Some on the left have called Chris Kyle a "racist" murderer and Bowe Bergdahl a "hero".

Someone recently pointed out that only in Texas can you have tornados, blizzards, flash floods and a heat wave on the same day - in December.

Two things that the left apparently desires for all of society is health care being provided by the government, and the possession and use of firearms being limited solely to government officials.  There is indeed a place where these two things have been achieved.  It's called "prison".

Just about every politician who calls for more gun control is protected by armed guards.

I recently ran across a pretty good description of Disneyland: A trap for humans set by a mouse.

During the 2016 campaign, my favorite term for a supporter of Donald Trump was "Trumpet".

George W. Bush was blamed for a hurricane that hit New Orleans (not merely for the government's response to the hurricane, but for causing the hurricane itself), but according to some people, the Democrat-led government of Flint, Michigan should not be blamed for that city's water problems.

There are more women in Israel who fly jet fighters than women in Saudi Arabia who drive cars.

According to a bumper sticker I once saw, inside every old person is a young person wondering, "What happened?" Another one of my favorites said, "I owe, I owe, so off to work I go."

The same pope who said "Who am I to judge?" when it comes to gays had no qualms about judging Donald Trump for his promise to build a border wall, calling him "not Christian".

If we could make cars that run on a fuel that does not produce carbon dioxide, but were otherwise identical to the cars we already have, some people on the left would still find a reason to be hostile to them.

Apparently, it's wrong for the Oscars to have no black nominees, but it's OK to turn the Super Bowl halftime show into a Black Panther tribute.

I saw this posted on Twitter, if I recall correctly, by Pantano's Law:  "If the truth offends you, the problem is you."

From another post on Twitter:  "Politicians are always interested in people, in the same way that fleas are always interested in dogs."

I once watched a video by Ben Shapiro, in which he observes that according to the anti-body-shaming movement, if a man admires a woman who isn't particularly attractive, he's standing up for new standards of beauty and opposing fat shaming, but if he admires a woman for being attractive, he's objectifying her.  (Unfortunately, I don't know how to look up the particular video.)

Liberals in the movie industry make millions from movies that show gun violence, and but liberals sometimes blame conservatives for gun violence when it happens in real life.  (This article has an interesting take on the matter.)

It would be nice if the security at our borders was taken as seriously as the security at our airports.

ESPN has given an award for courage to a man who wears a dress, and fired a guy who thinks that men should stay out of women's bathrooms.

When it comes to rape allegations, it's too bad that the media won't hold Bill Clinton to the same standard as college lacrosse teams and fraternities.

During the Vietnam war, the American left supported "conscientious objectors", the people who did not want to serve in the military.  But today, if you conscientiously object to providing flowers or a cake to a gay wedding, the left not only won't support you, but some might even attack you.

Apparently, we're supposed to distinguish between 58 different genders (or is it 71?), but not between legal and illegal immigrants.

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