Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Various And Sundry

Some various and sundry things I've run across:

Some Senatorial hypocrisy on schools.

Here's what a real feminist looks like.

Tom Brady's backup gets his news from a familiar source.

Here's one reason a wall is justified.

That's a load of bull.

I'm sure that Kermit approves.

In the Swedish capital, Muslims riot.

This might be a backlash against Muslims in Sweden.

In Switzerland, two Muslims are attacked after tipping off a journalist.

White woman entering white-majority country claims to have been racially profiled.

Can a football coach run for governor?

The Russians show how scary big government can be.

I would not want to encounter whatever killed this shark.

Can a fish predict earthquakes?

Despite security problems, Verizon will still buy Yahoo.

A country full of desert wants to colonize an even drier desert.

What should the president do in his revised travel order?

And to finish, here's the new Calvinist hymnal.

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