Sunday, January 22, 2017

Well, That Was Quick

Just one day into his term, President Trump has already been hung in effigy.  Not by any of the participants in the liberal women's march yesterday, but by a man in Kentucky.  Via WSPA from WNCT:
One Kentucky man is turning heads due to a display he created at his home in Crestview Hills.
Ken Blair built the display depicting a life-size Donald Trump doll hanging from a noose, with a controversial quote written below that Trump received backlash for during the campaign.
The video at WNCT has edited out a certain slang term which can refer either to the female privates or to a cat, but Blair's neighbors get to see the uncensored quote.  Read the full story.  I'd say that Trump now deserves a "welcome to the club" from his two immediate predecessors.

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