Monday, January 2, 2017

Save The Snowflakes

Here's something that was played, in its audio form, by Vito Esposito on his BlogTalkRadio show.  (He's the same dude who once requested my "bear on a pipeline" picture.)  When I asked if there was a YouTube video, his co-host Al provided the link, which is now available here.

A fellow listener known as DrMeola provided this link, where a larger version of the video may be watched.  The producer of the video is the Media Research Center.

UPDATE:  The originally embedded video has been removed from YouTube due to claims of copyright infringement.  Fortunately, the video (or perhaps a version that doesn't infringe on anyone's copyright) is still available at the link provided by the above-mentioned DrMeola.  I have posted the video from that particular link, and have accordingly changed the first link at the top.

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