Thursday, January 19, 2017

Thursday Links

Hang in there, fellow rightwing nutjobs, because today is the last full day of the Obama presidency.  With the transition almost complete and the inauguration set for tomorrow, here are some other things going on out there:

I will call this Trump's first mistake in office.

Was Trump elected by the Russians?  Nyet!  It was his supporters.

Threatening the new president is not a good idea.

Neither is threatening the old president.

Here's one more postmortem for the Obama presidency.

No, Obama was not a leftwing Reagan.

Speaking of nutjobs, here come our leftwing counterparts.

The RNC picks Romney to be their chairperson - no, not that Romney.

How do you "rethink capitalism"?

Amazon (the retailer, not the river, nor even the legendary female warriors) drives retailers crazy.

In a historic British cathedral, a different kind of prayer.

Learning Arabic can come in handy.

In France, attacks on Christians are on the rise.

Iranian authorities arrest a female bodybuilder.

Indian authorities arrest 52 suspected ISIS supporters.

An avalanche buries an Italian hotel.

The Bushes are feeling healthier.

Are you ready for the Las Vegas Raiders?

When you die, you can leave behind a digital time capsule.

And to finish........rats!

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