Friday, January 6, 2017

Some Other Stuff

Here are some things going on, other than the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport:

In response to events in Florida, New York airports beef up their security.

Obama says "no" to testing for oil under the Atlantic.

A yuuuuge iceberg looks ready to break off from the Antarctic ice shelf.

Looks like the presidential golfing tradition will continue.

Trump talks about a wall, but Obama builds one.  (H/T Toni No Bologny for the Retweet)

Trump says that hacking did not affect voting machines in the election.

Congress certifies the election results.

How the number of Americans not in the labor grew under Obama.

Ethiopia's "Spice Girls" lose their funding.

Chapels and shrines in Austria get vandalized.

A refugee center in Germany gets torched.

A dictator's son is tried for spending large amounts of state money on himself.

Some clarification on the Santa outfit worn allegedly by the Istanbul nightclub shooter.

If astronomers are right, we'll be able to see an upcoming stellar explosion.

My blogosphere buddy Holger Awakens has posted a video that's very much worth watching.

And to finish, life might be a bitch, but sometimes she's a good mother.

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