Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday Links

Once again, Thursday is a good time to rattle off some things in the news.  So here we go:

From PoliZette, President Trump has managed to keep one Mexican out of the United States.

From Russia Today, Trump didn't consult Putin when setting up "safe zones" in Syria.

From The Washington Post, the State Department senior management resigns.  (via The Hill)

From The Washington Free Beacon, the Border Patrol chief has been asked to resign.

From Africa News, 90 Somalians and 2 Kenyans have been deported.

From The Telegraph, U.K. Prime Minister May announces a change in policy.

From Independent Journal Review, Vice President Pence will speak at tomorrow's March For Life.

From National Catholic Register, there was a small scale march for life last Saturday in Los Angeles.

From ABC News, this bus has no driver.

From Fox News, on the 50th anniversary of their deaths, the Apollo 1 astronauts are honored.

From American Thinker, it's time to stop appeasing Iran.

From Breitbart Texas, a teacher shoots an image of Trump.

From FrontpageMag, a reaction to the Women's March.

From National Review, another reaction to the Women's March.

From the Mirror, the expression "they blow up so fast" becomes tragically true.

From the Express, migrants terrorize Vienna.

From the Daily Mail, migrants attack Britons visiting Germany.

From Fox5, a student wins her lawsuit.

From CNET, NASA unveils their latest spacesuit.

And from Philly(dot)com, a lost ring finds its way home.

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