Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Some More Pictures From DC

Today I went back down to Washington to see if anything was going on with Operation American Spring.  My friend Movin Forward also showed up, but most of the organizers were not around.  As it turned out, they were moving from a camp where they were staying, somewhere outside of the District, over to another camp.  The meeting place, known as Camp Liberty, however, will stay where it is.

As a result of this situation, I got a chance to see some sights, and get some exercise.  Here are your tax dollars at work.  Near the Washington Monument, a new building is under construction.

This is the Vietnam War Memorial, with a good number of visitors.

Within the grounds of the World War II Memorial, this ensemble of young singers was performing.

Here's a "look down the Mall" shot from near Camp Liberty, showing the Washington Monument and at left, the Smithsonian "Castle".

This is the large fountain in front of Union Station.

Also in front of Union Station is this bell, which is similar to the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

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