Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kingsley Bend Mounds

The Kingsley Bend Mounds are located a few miles east of Wisconsin Dells, and are sacred to the Ho Chunk Indians.  When we arrived, I thought that this hill might be a mound, but as it turned out, only the very top was man-made.

The mound on top of the hill can be more easily seen from this angle.

Next to the hill was this row of conical mounds.

Behind the hill and conical mounds was a downward bluff, and what I call a "modern intrusion".

A closeup of the sunlit side of the mound on the hill.

At another site near Wisconsin Dells, just off a back road, one of our archaeologist hosts tells us about raised garden beds, as he stands in the ditch between two of them.  During the 11th century, native people planted crops on the raised beds while allowing water to flow in the adjacent ditches.

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