Saturday, June 21, 2014

Saturday Links

With the weekend upon us, here are some things recently in the news:

From Channel 4 News, some Iraqis are adapting to life under ISIS rule.

From American Thinker, America is now "importing the problems abortion was supposed to eliminate".

From D. C. Clothesline, a Baltimore cop is charged with animal cruelty for allegedly slitting a dog's throat.

From The Roanoke Times, federal officials have dropped their plans to shelter illegal immigrant children at St. Paul's College.

From The Daily Caller, Vice President Biden says that some of the "Dream Deluge" illegal immigrants may get citizenship.

From Yahoo News, hundreds in Afghanistan protest alleged fraud in last week's presidential runoff election.

From ABC News, a Belorussian human rights activist has been released from jail after three years.

From CNYCentral, an atheist in Greece, New York has been given the honor of delivering the opening prayer at a town board meeting.  To whom or what he will be praying has not yet been determined.

From Bloomberg, Russian President Vladimir Putin orders his troops to be on combat alert.

From Fox News, a home invasion case in Ferndale, Washington is solved thanks to help from the home's 4-year-old resident.

And from Barstool Sports, a driver in Milwaukee finds a Starbucks drive-thru hard to drive through, because it doesn't actually exist.

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