Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Residents Of Presidents In Illinois

After my swing through Iowa, I turned eastward and stopped in Galena, Illinois and made a brief stop at the home of General and eventual President Ulysses Grant, who lived in the house just after the civil war.  Here's the house as seen from the adjacent street.

Near the house is this statue of First Lady Julia Dent Grant.

Across the street was this cabin.  Like the cabin near the "world's smallest church" in Iowa, this cabin has been transported away from its original location.

After visiting Galena, I proceeded eastward and southward to Dixon and the boyhood home of President Ronald Reagan, next to which is this statue of him.

Here's the house itself, which was restored in 1984, just in time for a visit from its famous former occupant.  In the garage to the right and behind the house is a restored Ford Model-T.

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