Thursday, June 12, 2014

Lizard Mound Park

I've spent most of the last week running around several Midwestern states, including taking a tour of archaeological sites in Wisconsin and Iowa.  Most of the places we saw featured effigy mounds, which are shaped to resemble various animals or in rare cases a human, and have a height of just a few feet.  Interspersed with the effigy mounds are circular ("conical") mounds and others shaped like a straight line.  The first place we visited was Lizard Mound Park, just north of West Bend, Wisconsin.  The park includes this pavilion and several informative signs.

Here's the "Welcome" sign, held by a frame that includes a beige outline of one common type of effigy mound shape.

Here's a close up of the "Welcome" sign.

This mound is long and straight, and is shown from one end thereof.

It's hard to tell that there's a mound here, because of the high grass growth.

Another mound is overgrown with grass and wild flowers.

Several trees have taken root in this long straight mound.

The footpath goes between two mounds.

No mounds here, just a nice place to break for lunch.  This is River Bend Park in Horicon, Wisconsin.

Of course, no placed named "River Bend" would be complete without a river.

For more information on Lizard Mound Park, go to Wisconsin Historical Markers.

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