Saturday, June 14, 2014

Man Mound

Just northeast of Baraboo, Wisconsin is the only remaining effigy mound in the state that is shaped like a human.  The "head" of the mound includes two protrusions which are sometimes referred to as "horns".  The mound and its namesake park are located just off its namesake road.  Here are two signs next to the mound.

This shot looks up from the "legs" of the mound.  The two ladders were set up near the "head", to give a slightly elevated view for anyone making a short climb.

During the construction of Man Mound Road, the "feet" and lower parts of the "legs" were destroyed.  The white paint indicates where they used to be.

Across the road were some local residents.

This last shot was taken after climbing one of the ladders, and looks down from the "head" of the mound.  The two "horns" can easily be seen.

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