Friday, October 18, 2013

Upon Reconsideration, "Jesus" To Be Permitted In Cemetery

After some public pressure, the city of Sterling, Colorado has allowed the family of a recently deceased wife of a preacher to place the name "Jesus" on her marker, within an ichthys, the fish-shaped symbol used by early Christians.  The director of the cemetery, which is owned by the city, reversed his previous decision, in which he had said that the name "night offend people".  His earlier attitude is bit hard to understand, considering that the cemetery also has tombstones with Bible verses or angels on them.  Come to think of it, aren't there Bible verses that mention Jesus Himself?

The cemetery's director has raised an interesting question.  What if a Hispanic man named Jesus (pronounced "hay-soos") were to die, and his family wanted to bury him in Sterling Cemetery?  Would the man's own name be allowed on his tombstone?

Read the story at Fox News.

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