Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Links

Some stories from today's news:

From Newsbusters, Ronan Farrow of MSNBC says that the public "craves" the "style of honesty" represented by the Clintons.  I guess that lying to a Grand Jury under oath is OK with Mr. Farrow.  Oh well, what difference does it make?  (via Breitbart's Big Hollywood)

From CBS News, Bob Schieffer, the host of Face the Nation, has won the Walter Cronkite Award.

From Life News, the Oklahoma Supreme Court has struck down a law limiting the use of a "dangerous" abortion drug.

From the Catholic News Agency, Mother Antonia Brenner, known as the "prison angel" for her decades-long prison ministry in Tijuana, Mexico, died earlier this month at age 86.

From Techspot, William C. Lowe, who led the project to create the first IBM PC, died earlier this month at age 72.

From the Mail Online, the man accused of killing the son of NFL player Adrian Petersen is free on bond.

From Politico, Senator Dick Durban (D-IL) calls for "stand your ground" laws to be "carefully reconsidered", in his opening remarks before a hearing about such laws.  Testifying at the hearing was Trayvon Martin's mother, even though Martin's death and George Zimmerman's trial defense did not involve any "stand your ground" laws.  (via Breitbart's Big Government)

From Gallup World, the Portuguese have become more disapproving of their leaders.

From Israel National News, a joint project between Hebrew University's center for Computational Geography, and the Center for Educational Technology has resulted in the first ever Hebrew language digital atlas.

Also from Israel National News, Muslim Brotherhood protesters have attempted to use "puppy bombs" at a demonstration in Tahrir Square.  (via Atlas Shrugs)

From The Telegraph, Great Britain will become the first non-Muslim country to have a sharia bond.

From Yahoo News, millions are losing their health plans because of Obamacare.  They actually ask, "Did president mislead?"

For that matter, The Daily Caller calls Obamacare "a lie from day one."

And from the past debates on Obamacare, a 2009 Republican Weekly Address by Congressman Tom Price (R-GA), which appears to include a few prescient remarks.  Brought to the attention of the Twitterverse by Leslie Carbone.  Go here if the video doesn't play.

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