Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mount Rushmore Viewing Areas Blocked Off

Via The Free Patriot:

The memorial at Mount Rushmore has been closed, which has understandably resulted from the current federal government shut-down.  What is harder to understand is why several parking and viewing areas along roads near (but outside) the memorial have been blocked off with traffic cones by the National Park Service.  The entrance to Mount Rushmore is located on SD state highway 242, begging the question of how a federal agency had the authority to block off parking areas of a state road, unless the areas are within the boundary of the memorial itself.  U.S. highway 16 passes about a mile to the east of Mount Rushmore, but U.S. highways, while numbered according to a national grid, are maintained by state and local governments.

One of the viewing areas, a few hundred yards west of the main entrance along SD 242, provides a view of George Washington in profile.  Two years ago, I briefly stopped there after visiting the memorial, and got a side shot of our first president's stone likeness.  Unfortunately, my camera had some major technical difficulties, resulting in poor picture quality.  But if you're curious, click on the fold to see it.

Read the story at the Sioux Falls Business Journal.

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