Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday News & Links

Once again, back to the old routine.  Here's a bit of what's been going on for the last day or so:

From the Los Angeles Times, a student at Sparks (Nevada) Middle School fatally shot a teacher and wounded two other students, before apparently killing himself.

From The Sleuth Journal, a mugger in DC chooses the wrong victim, one of a select group of people who are allowed to be armed within the city.

From The Daily Caller, two armed crooks try to rob a pizza place, unaware of the policeman who just happens to be nearby.   (Warning: Graphic video footage)

From Forbes, Nokia's stock price tops $7.

From the Mail Online, something that even a critic of President Obama such as myself can applaud him for.

From Life News, a man fights to save his baby from an abortion after seeing pro-lifers at a clinic.

From the New York Times, contractors trying to fix the Obamacare website see "weeks of work" ahead of them.  (via Breitbart's The Conversation)  The Onion, however, reports that a new version is available on floppy disks.

The Blaze points out a bunch of things more popular than Obamacare (which isn't saying much).

From CNET, the number of laser pointer attacks on airplanes has increased 11-fold since 2005.

In World Net Daily, Phyllis Schlafly writes about how Common Core is affecting school curricula.

From Page Six, singer and model Rihanna tried to have an impromptu photo shoot in a mosque, and was kicked out.

From the New York Post, the FBI investigated PETA during the 1990s for a suspected plot to carry out an anthrax attack.

From Newsmax, the Tea Party movement gets some good vibes from a prominent Republican - one that you don't want to go hunting with.

And from Weird Asia News, engineers in Japan have replicated a human vocal cord.

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