Monday, October 7, 2013

Monday Links

Back to the old routine.  It's Monday, so let's see what's going on out there.

From the Washington Examiner, some information on Great Britain's health care system.

From Fox News, a man returns a picture he stole of a woman he went out dancing with - after 70 years.

From Life Site News, American tax dollars are helping to fund a population control effort in Bangla Desh.

From CBS News, three soldiers have been arrested in the stabbing death of fellow soldier Tevin Geike.

From Mashable, the Nobel Prize in Medicine has been awarded to three scientists who discovered how cells transport molecules to their correct location.

From CBS New York, the New York Giants have become so bad that a strip club banned their televised games.  (Has anyone else noticed that when Eli Manning sucks, he really sucks?)

From Catholic News Agency, the Church is commemorating the 750th anniversary of the Orvieto (Italy) miracle, which actually happened in Bolsena, but was reported by the priest who witnessed it to Pope Urban VI, who was staying in Orvieto at the time.  Full disclosure:  I stayed in Orvieto in 2004.

From NBC Chicago, three people have been arrested after a dismembered body had been discovered in a plastic bag in a Chicago back yard.

From the Mail Online, Elizabeth Smart describes the kidnapping ordeal she went through over ten years ago.

From Breitbart's Big Peace, the Obama administration has ordered military commissaries to shut down.

From CNET, Samsung faces a ban on sales of some its older items.

From Personhood USA, the four differences between you and your fetus.

From American Thinker, supporters of Obama and Obamacare experience sticker shock.

And from WBTW, after an outcry, the Obama administration has reinstated the Amber Alert website.  (via Breitbart's Big Government)

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