Thursday, October 10, 2013

Abortion Funding In The Fine Print?

According to a report by CBN News, Obamacare health insurance exchanges will be required to charge their clients a fee that will go to fund abortions for those who want them, and that this fee is for the most part hidden from the clients, or "buried in the fine print".

For the longest time, abortion rights supporters have told pro-lifers that it's OK to believe what we want, just don't go "imposing" it on others whose views are different.  Yet, at least some of them seem to have no problem forcing pro-lifers to pay for abortions, even when abortions are against our religion, such coercion apparently being part of Obamacare.  Telling someone that something is not their business, but demanding that they pay for it is about as disgustingly hypocritical as a person can get.  People like that are not pro-choice, as they claim, but are nothing more than pro-abortion.

But enough about my opinion on this matter.  Read the full story.

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