Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lecce, Part 2

After our visit to Lecce's Basilica di Santa Croce (see Part 1), our tour group proceeded to the city's main square.  Within the square was the city's emblem, which is based on its past and present names.  The Romans called this place Lupiae, which is derived from lupa ("she-wolf").  The modern name is derived from that of an oak tree.  Thus, the emblem depicts both the wolf and the oak.

Also within the main square is the excavated half of a Roman amphitheater.  It appears that some modern seating has been added.

Around the perimeter of the amphitheater are some stone structures.

During some free time, I wandered off on my own, and found this courtyard.

I also found the duomo (cathedral).

After a change in direction, I found a fountain that included some organ pipes.

After all this sightseeing, we had a pizza lunch at Il Ristoro dei Templari, and then headed off to our next destination.

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