Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The "Tolerance" Double Standard

I've come to believe that Islam, at least in its most fundamentalist forms, is the monstrosity that the Christian right is accused of being.  The Christian right opposes the attempt by the gay "rights" crowd to refine marriage, and as a result is accused by the left of hate.  Much of the Muslim world, on the other hand, opposes letting gays have the right to stay alive, and the left seems to have little to say about it.  The Christian right, especially the Catholic right, doesn't want to subsidize contraception, but I don't see any of them forcing women to wear hijabs and burqas.

I would point out that the claims in the above pic are not totally accurate.  Where Muslims sentence gays to die, the method of execution isn't always beheading.  Instead, in some places it's hanging, stoning or even burning (a method used centuries ago in Europe by Christian authorities).  For unbelievers who are Christian or Jewish, there is a third option, submitting to theocratic Muslim rule as a dhimmi, with far fewer rights than Muslims, and with far more restrictions.  But the general point is correct.  Fundamentalist Muslims, if given the chance, would make the Christian right look like agnostic libertarians.

For a brief summary, see this picture.

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