Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Links

As summer winds down, I look forward to going on vacation starting tomorrow.  Meanwhile, the Democrats kick off their convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Continuing a theme started by Clint Eastwood at the Republican convention, a whole bunch of us vast rightwing conspirators, teabaggers, hobbits, astroturfers, or whatever the left is calling us these days has designated today as Empty Chair Day, posting pictures of an empty chair, symbolizing the president, at the social media of their choice.  With that, on to some stories about the Democrat convention and other news:

From WBTW News, two convention delegates from California were sent home after allegedly getting drunk and causing a "ruckus".

At Frontpagemag, Bruce Thornton gives us a preview of the Democratic National Convention.

Ricochet editor Mollie Hemingway, whose husband is in Charlotte, gives us a ''grim list of speakers".

From the Daily Caller, the convention begins.

From Fox News, the Democrats have made plans to bus in college students and black church members to fill Bank of American Stadium for the president's speech on the last night of the convention.

Also from Fox News, gas prices for Labor Day have hit record highs this year.

From BreitbartTV, an ad that shows President Obama recycling talking points from four years ago.

From SFGate, Nigerian authorities have arrested a man for attempting to smuggle cocaine - stuffed inside a roasted chicken.

From The Sun, the actor and former wrestler known as The Rock chases away hoodlums who were trying to break into a van.

And from Weird Asia News, a Chinese fisherman catches a giant yellow croaker, and sells it for the equivalent of about $472,000.

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