Saturday, September 15, 2012


Bari is a seaport in southeastern Italy, and also includes an airport named after Pope John Paul II under his secular name Karol Wojtyła.  Polignano a Mare, where my tour group stayed, is about 20 miles to the southeast.  We walked past Bari's old castle, of which this is one corner bastion:

One another side of the castle is the entrance, which is reached by walking over a bridge.

Looking further down the wall towards another bastion:

Some people in Bari make their own pasta to sell to local restaurants.  Here are some women in a narrow alley making orecchiette ("little ears") pasta, while being observed by a few tourists:

We visited the Basilica of St. Nicholas, which includes his tomb in a lower level chamber, his relics having been brought from Myra in Asia Minor to Bari in 1087.  There was a ceremony taking place when we walked through, so I couldn't take any pictures due to the large crowd in the tomb chamber.  Back in the main part of the church, I took this shot of a statue of St. Nicholas, with some flash reflection from the glass casing:

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