Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Castel Del Monte

Castel del Monte is an octagonal castle built near Andria, Italy in the 13th century by the Holy Roman emperor Frederick II.  Thought to be originally built as a hunting lodge, it was later used as a theater and a prison.  It is located to the west of Bari and Polignano a Mare.

We had to get off our tour bus and ride a shuttle bus to get close to the castle, leaving us a short walk.  Here's our tour guide Daniela, with the castle behind her.

Here's a view of the castle, trying to get as much of the sunlit part as possible into the picture.

Further up the walkway, a shot centered on the front entrance.

Not only is the outer perimeter based on an octagon, but there is also an inner octagonal courtyard.  Here is part of its walls.

After visiting the castle, we went to a local winery for wine-tasting, lunch and a brief tour.  Here's part of the reception area.

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