Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The "Real Story" Of Obama

Duh Progressive is mostly a satirical website, but they include a section called True Op-Ed, in which writers get into some serious subject matter.  In today's true opinion column, Nick Taxia gives us what he believes is the "real story" that President Obama would like to tell.  In doing so, Taxia delves into the history of the United States and of the European colonization of Africa, as seen from the Marxist perspective, and how all of that has left its mark on Obama's political philosophy.  An except:
Obama's story actually begins in 1885, when the Germans began a "protectorate" colony over the Sultan of Zanzibar's possessions along the Kenyan coast.  Soon the British followed, establising their presence in the country three years later.  From then until the conclusion of World War I, the British and Germans bickered over how much they would possess of Kenya and which resources they would gather and exploit.  Following the Germans' defeat in World War I, the British gained full dominance over Kenya, which as anyone can imagine, did not please native Kenyans much.
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