Friday, July 13, 2012

Links For Friday The 13th

I'm not much into superstition, but on a previous Friday the 13th, I posted on Twitter, "Today, avoid black cats and liberals of all colors."  Here are some stories from the current Friday the 13th:

From Western Journalism, former Speaker Pelosi tells the Catholic Church to "drop dead".

From the Washington Free Beacon, the U.S. Olympic uniforms are made in (yeah, you guessed it) China.  The company that designed the uniforms is a donor to both Obama and the Democratic party.

From Patriots For America, a video report on the U.N. Small Arms Treaty.  The report claims that what the U.N. is really after is the ammunition.

From Michigan Capitol Confidential, the SEIU omits from their disclosure form a $12,000 payment to a company that was defunded by the Michigan State Legislature.

From Commentary, a report on Hamas summer camps for children.

From Fox News, a man's dying wish, to leave a huge restaurant tip, is granted.

Also from Fox News, an autistic man is found alive after being lost for 3 weeks in the Utah desert.

From NewsBusters, Howard Kurtz warns CNN that the "liberal media double standard" is apparent "to many people".

From ABC News, this one's from yesterday, but still important enough to mention.  Did the late Joe Paterno cover up for his former assistant Jerry Sandusky?

From Gateway Pundit, it's your tax dollars at work.  The federal government is giving away, not just cell phones, but air conditioners.

From EPA Abuse, how the EPA is taking over state's regional haze programs.

From Weird Asia News, are Japan's "concept cars" getting weirder?

From Yahoo News, a dishonest doctor in California found out the hard way that his patient was a real bitch.

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