Saturday, July 14, 2012

Clarisse Grime, RIP

Do you know about Clarisse Grime?  Chances are, if you live outside of the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, you've never heard of her.  Unlike some other people whose deaths I have recently noted, she was not famous.  But I also believe that if the national media were less biased, Clarisse Grime would be as famous in death as Travon Martin.  However, unlike Martin, she was not murdered or killed in self-defense (depending on your opinion in that case).

Clarisse Grime was killed in a horrible accident.  A driver of an SUV lost control of his vehicle, causing it to hit a fire hydrant and a "no parking" sign, and then to careen down an embankment to where Grime and her boyfriend were sitting.  The location was about 50 feet from the street, near a sign for their high school, but they were still struck by the out-of-control vehicle.  Her boyfriend suffered only minor injuries, but Grime died at the scene.

The driver was someone who had no business getting behind the wheel in the first place.  He has never had a Minnesota driver's license, and is an illegal alien.  This latter fact is probably why I believe most Americans will not have a chance to learn about Clarisse Grime and her tragic death at the age of 16.  The mainstream media is generally reluctant to publish stories about illegal aliens that put them in a bad light, even when it is deserved.  I don't believe that all illegal aliens are an accidental death waiting to happen, but when we tolerate the presence of millions of people in this country who should not be here, whose illegal entry or visa overstay indicates some degree of disrespect for American law, this kind of tragedy will inevitably happen.  "Sanctuary" policies are not compassionate.  People die because of them.

If anyone thinks that I have an anti-immigrant attitude, please allow me to tell you more about Clarisse Grime.  She and her mother, Martha Tamene Woldegiorgis, were originally from Ethiopia.  They immigrated, first to Italy, and then to Minnesota.  Both were in the process of becoming American citizens, which Woldegiorgis still intends to do.  In the death of Clarisse Grime, an illegal alien killed a legal immigrant.  If that is not a reason for distinguishing between people who come here legally from those who come illegally, then I don't know what is.  If anyone thinks that I don't like illegal aliens because a large number of them wear brown skin and speak Spanish, I should mention the name of Grime's boyfriend, who deserves our condolences: Eduardo Vazquez-Torres.


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