Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Links

Now that I've got electricity again, it's time to report on what's going on out there.

From Fox News, the Romney campaign accuses Obama of "vicious lies" about Bain Capital.

From the Telegraph, a Danish study claims that women are more likely to commit suicide if they own a cat.

From Political Pistachio, the Air Force Patched has been changed to remove the word "God".

From FrontPageMag, a Christian who was stoned (and I don't mean on what Obama used to call "choom", or in the Bob Dylan sense) speaks about his experience.

From CNS News, Steve King (the congressman, not the horror writer) says that Obama is governing like a king. (Was the pun intended, congressman King?)

From ABC News, islamists in Mali continue vandalizing graves and mausoleums in Timbuktu.

From CNN, Enrique Peña Nieto has been projected as the winner of Mexico's presidential elections.  He is a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, which at one time ruled Mexico for 70 consecutive years.

From SFGate, will there be a live-action Zombie zone in Detroit?

From CBS Local in Denver, some evacuees from the Waldo Canyon fire have returned to their homes, only to find them vandalized or burglarized.

Pro-life group Personhood USA reports about violence against their leaders from pro-abortion thugs.

From the Foundry (part of the Heritage Network), the broken promises of Obamacare.  Whether or not you agree with the SCOTUS decision calling the Obamacare mandate a "tax", there sure are a lot of real taxes built into the law.

From Canada Free Press, Obama has a Consitutional crisis.

Finally, from the Washington Examiner, we've got a stink bug crisis.

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