Sunday, July 1, 2012

Power's Back

Last Friday evening, an exceptionally nasty thunderstorm came though my area, resulting in electric power being cut off.  It was restored only about an hour ago.  With temperatures being in the 90's, it's been pretty uncomfortable around here, but now everything has a chance to get back to normal.  While hiking yesterday, there were quite a few trees that had fallen down on the trails.  I also had to steer around some trees while driving on some of the local roads.

This report from MSNBC states that the thunderstorms were a phenomenom called a derecho, which can produce hurricane-force winds, but in a straight line instead of a circular motion as in a tropical storm.  According to, about 800,000 customers lost power in has pictures of damage from the derechoAccuweather calls Friday's storms a "super derecho".

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