Monday, August 7, 2017

Various And Sundry Stories For A Rainy Day

If rainy days and Mondays get you down, as in the Carpenters song, today is both.  Among other things, this means that today, "sundry" cannot be understood as "sun-dry".  But in any event, here's some various and sundry things going on out there:

From Twitchy, some of our friends on the left still haven't figured out that the Twitter account Sean Spicier is parody.

From The Daily Signal, some of our friends on the left things that conservatives shouldn't be allowed to conduct an orchestra.

From Russia Today, video surfaces of the capture of the German teenage "ISIS bride".

From Defense Tech, better keep your drones away from military bases.

From The New York Times, New York's subway hasn't been doing very well these days.  (via The Daily Caller)

From PopZette, one comedian should be careful what she asks for.

From the Express, Germany wants to seize money from Romania and Bulgaria that was supposed to be used to help the Roma.

From Deutsche Welle, Germany has lots of "frustrated young refugees".

From Sputnik International, almost 200 illegal aliens invade Spain.

From The Local DK, almost 80% of Danish adults receive money from their government.

From USA Today, Ohio State develops a device that can greatly aid healing.  (via The Blaze)

From the Miami Herald, Miami-Dade prisons will cooperate with the federal government on immigration detention requests.

From FrontpageMag, California won't be so cooperative.

From Yahoo News, the real tension between China and India might be at sea.

From Townhall, one CNN host thinks that the Democrats are out of touch on immigration.

From One News Now, Facebook appears to be censoring "anti-Islamic" content.

From Asian Correspondent, the Malaysian government investigates an atheist group.  (The last two stories come via The Religion Of Peace.)

From Assyrian National News Agency, who cite Newsweek as their source, ISIS makes $100 million every year by smuggling ancient artifacts.  (The artifacts they don't destroy by blowing them up, anyway.)

And from the Observer, Brexit might be good for Detroit.

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