Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thursday Links

Some things going on out there:

From ANSA, the number of migrants entering Europe is down from last year.

From Breitbart London, the contempt "grooming gangs" have for white women; and in Germany, a fireman is fired and fined for an anti-migrant Facebook post.

From Radio Poland, Poland keeps defending itself from the E.U.

From the Associated Press, migrants keep trying to enter Spain through its two African enclaves.

From The Local SE, a hostage survived by pretending to be Muslim.

From the Daily Star, a London bus crashes into a kitchen shop.

From the New York Post, a New York bus driver is attacked with coffee.

From The Atlantic, 2016 was hot and weird.

From Global News, some Somalis migrating illegally from the United States to Canada have criminal records.

From The New York Times, in Indonesia, a statue of a Chinese deity gets covered up.

From the Daily Mail, a Muslim sues Virgin Airlines claiming he was removed from a plane after casually mentioning 9/11.

From AOL, recently ousted white House Communications director Anthony Scaramucci finds an interesting person to compare himself to.

From the Express, German police search for a man who killed a prostitute and cut her body into pieces; and ancient Egypt was ruled by a giant (for the time) pharaoh.

From KGW, the name "Lynch" will be removed from two schools in Oregon.  (via The Blaze)

From the Independent, a British Labour MP tells the truth about how people regard "grooming gangs".

From PopZette, musician Charlie Daniels has some words for our politicians.

From National Review, "is California cracking up?"

From FrontpageMag, the media isn't saying much about the RAISE Act.

From Free Malaysia Today, an elementary school religiously segregates drinking cups.

And from Variety, the White House area is visited by a Trump Chicken.

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